How much is the shipping cost?
Shipping is FREE.

How do you ship your paintings?
We will ship via XPRESSPOST to USA and Europe. It takes 3-7 business days to deliver. If you live in a country with no XPRESSPOST service, we will send it by UPS or FedEx courier service. We are sending the paintings all over the world for years now and there were no problems with delivery.

How can I trace delivery status of my painting?
As soon as painting is shipped, we will send you a confirmation email with the tracking number.

How quick are you sending the paintings?
We will send your painting within 3 business days after getting your payment.

How can I pay for the painting?
We accept all credit cards only via PayPal. Just press "Buy Now" button and follow PayPal's instructions. If you never used PayPal before, you will see PayPal's registration form to sign up. The form is short and friendly to use, it provides all necessary explanations and links. If you still got a question, you can call PayPal directly at their toll free number 1-888-221-1161 (if you are calling outside of North America, alternative phone is 402-935-2050) and they will assist you. We also accept International Money Orders - please make sure it is INTERNATIONAL (except Canadian buyers). You can get it in your Bank or local Post Office. Please email us and we will mark your painting as "Sold".

Where can I possibly buy a print from your work?
A Limited Edition giclee prints are available. Each giclee comes hand embellished by the artist, stretched, varnished. It also comes with Certificate Of Authenticity signed be the artist.

If you have question please fill inquiry form on page "Contact Us"